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"Mir" The Master Barber


Mir has had a passion for hair care since his early 20’s when he opened up his first shop to support his young family. Over time, that passion developed into the ability to create a men’s grooming experience, making each client walk out feeling like a better man. Mir specializes in a new genre of old-school barbering which includes straight razor shaves, beard design as well as in hard-to-find scissor cuts and has 6 years as a Master Barber Trainer.

Mir is a Fifth Generation Barber in the “Mangi” line of barbers, with 30 years’ experience following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, and generations before him – in fact, his family name (Mangi) means “Barber” in his native language.


Well-established in the So. Cal Area, Mir is Dapper Fellas’ General Manager and Master Barber.  He has created a following of beard enthusiasts of many sorts who appreciate his listening skills and soulful craftsmanship.

Mir inspires others through belief “Success is dependent on patience rather than on making money.  I look at my clients as friends, not customers.  In this way, we have an open way to communicate what they want, and so I’m better able to deliver that.”

“Every beard is different and he knows how to adjust his style to the way your beard needs to be treated. Mine is curly and wild and he knows scissors is the only way to cut it. His professionalism is equal to his beard cutting notch. I consider Mir a friend more than anything and as long as he's around he will be the only person to earn my business.” - Isreal F., Aug 2018

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